Thursday, 30 December 2010

Ups and Downs of 2010

The time has finally come to look back upon the previous year as we step into 2011.

It's been a big one for video games, The Terminator himself decided he had an issue with video games, a Swedish bearded man hit the jackpot with a strangely addictive pixel game, we all adventured to a desolate New Vegas with Zachary Levi and Felicia Day, ran a kingdom with the help of Stephen Fry and Simon Pegg, we even assassinated a Cuban Prime minister - And of course you are now the controller.

But what were your fondest memories? Perhaps it was the rise of the Western RPG? The announcement of a new Elder Scrolls? How about the addition of Keyboards to the Rock Band series?

Personally my GOTY was Mass Effect 2; With an amazing story line, immense gameplay, some of the most indepth characters I've ever felt attached to and some brilliant DLC to boot it easily sums up what I love in the video game industry.

My developer of the year is the studio that created one of the best, If not the best MMORPG ever; Blizzard.

The recent expansion Cataclysm as well the continued support that their entire studio and team provide their user base gets them recognised in my books.

As for the biggest flop of the year, it's going to have to be Real Time World's All Points Bulletin.

Whilst I enjoyed the game for it's amazing customisation options, it's sprawling urban setting and it's quirky little features such as ram raiding, radios and Gangs; It was terribly balanced and never really got it's footing, for me that was £40+ down the drain.

So guys; How about it - Your GOTY, Developer of the year and Flop of the year, reply in the comment section below

And here's to a good 2011.

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