Wednesday, 1 December 2010

PETA are at it again

Veggie enthusiasts PETA are at it again, this time taking a dig at the brilliant Meat Boy game.

I don't think there's a group out there that PETA hasn't tried to piss off, as a regular user of Tumblr I'm privileged in the fact that I get to see most of PETA's ad campaigns that don't quite add up.

When it comes to PETA Vs Video games, they like to make their own games, essentially a mock up version of the title in question, Cooking Mama received scrutiny from PETA previously and now Meat Boy has gotten it's very own PETA safe version.

Ladies and Gents may I introduce to you - Tofu Boy.

Yes, it's as stupid as it sounds.

And yes that's a terrible illustration.

Previously PETA has pulled stunts such as;

As well as a series of naked women, with slogans written all over them (It's an ad campaign that they practically roll with every time)

Whilst I am all for fair treatment of animals, I won't fully go into my political/personal opinions on these matters, but terrible clone versions of games won't do the world any good.

Here's a link; It's more like the original flash version of Meat Boy.

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