Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Indie iDevice sale

As of today the Indie Sale has commenced for the Apple iPod/iPhone, with 1/3 of the profits going to Child's Play charity.

The sale will be going on until the 31st of this month and it includes six individual titles; Canabalt, Eliss, Spider, Solipskier, Osmos and Drop7, these titles will all cost 99cents or 59p.

Some immense savings here and it's for a good cause, so head on over to the iTunes store and pick them up

Not only are they offering these great iDevice games for a cheap price, but you can also pick up some free wallpapers and lock screens too, so head over to the site, tweet about it, facebook it - What ever, just try and do something for the cause.


Here's some more information on Child's Play - http://childsplaycharity.org/

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