Thursday, 11 November 2010

Viacom announce that they're dropping Harmonix

So Viacom announced earlier on today that they’d be dropping Harmonix Studios, famous for developing the Rock Band and recently released Kinect title; Dance Central.

But - Both Harmonix and Viacom have promised that the developers will carry on supporting their titles as well developing new games/IPs.

The question that’s on everyone’s mind is - Who will buy them? Viacom says they have a few people in mind; Some sources say that Microsoft have been interested what with Harmonix’s exclusive 360 title Dance Central being a smash hit with the Kinect crowd.

Others say Zenimax will pick them up, once more following the trend they’ve set over the past few years.

No one knows as of yet, but as soon as I hear the word, I’ll pop you guys an update.

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