Friday, 26 November 2010

Steam Sales!

For those of you in the United States, sales mean nothing to you right now, Black Friday is all around, Infact I'd say you were bored of saving money, yep.

WELL, If you're from outside the US (Or you aren't bored of saving money quite yet) then head on over to Steam, they've got some good deals on.

Personal favourite of mine is the Indie Story Pack, it includes; And yet it moves, Gish, Jolly Rover, Puzzle Agent and Recettear.

For £3.99!

Saving you £36.96 If you were to buy them separately.

Worth picking up, I'd say just for Recettear which retails at £12.99, but I intend on playing through those other titles too.

Also If you haven't picked up Batman Arkham Asylum yet, it's £5.10.

But you've only got one more hour to pick these deals up! SO HURRY!

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