Sunday, 7 November 2010

Greatest Video game commercials

I recently saw the latest Call Of Duty Black Ops ad' on Youtube, the American version features Kobe and Jimmy Kimmel; It reminded me of the good ol' days when advertisements weren't specifically all about showing off gameplay.

Back in early 90s we went through this period of advertisements that always featured a kid, some sun glasses, some cheesy lines from said child - And a voice over guy that tried way too hard using phrases such as "MIND BOGGLING GRAPHICS!" "BOGUS VISUALS!" and of course "RADICAL FUN!"

The 80's were similar, but more of what was terrible, more kids in massive glasses, more terrible voice overs.

When we hit the late 90's you'd either have some CGI animation that was generally irrelevant to the game - Or some 'real life actors' acting out silly situations that were also irrelevant to the game, then the terrible voice over would kick in - And then some game play; The 3D era had to prove itself much more than the other previous generations, so game play had to be shown, suddenly people actually cared about graphics.

This trend continued on into the early 00's (Is that pronounced naughties?) where graphics were even more so important with the Xbox, Gamecube and PS2 biting at each other's necks for more attention.

Occasionally we'd get a voice over who wasn't all that excited about the game, infact they usually sounded like they weren't too excited about life.

Crash Team Racing (Featuring Dominic Keating as British rock star)

Soul Calibur 2 GameCube

Soul Calibur 2 PS2

Soul Calibur 2 Xbox

Pacman World

I like the idea of Verne Troyer and Mr.T living next door to each other..And playing WoW together

Marketing has gotten to be a huge part of gaming over the past few years, with the internet being used an amazing viral tool it means that developers and publishers can create these amazing works of art and know that they'll get around, even If they only air them in one country.

So I've decided to take this article and use it to show you some of my favourite video game commercials - And I urge you to do the same. Send me your top five favourite video game commercials, no matter what the reason, whether it was horribly cliche, funny or just straight up bad ass.

Halo Reach and Halo ODST


Halo Reach

Both the Halo Reach and ODST commercials hit the nail on the head for me, both contain real actors with minimum amount of C.G.I (Obviously there are some parts that are C.G.I).

Any one that was following any press coverage of Reach knew what the game was about before it was out, everyone knew they'd all die - It was clearly advertised in the other Halo games, as well as any press material released about the game, the advert not only reinforced this amazing plot point - But it was also pretty bad ass.

The ODST commercial was brilliant, this advert was broadcast in primarily English speaking countries (It was actually in Hungarian) but still managed to have a huge effect on both it's fan base and gamers who probably weren't interested before hand - It's intriguing, deep and once more - Bad ass.

There's also a longer version that's around two and a half minutes long, shows some more footage of the war, the struggle and a brute getting his shit stomped.

Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow

I loved these adverts, some times involving a some what chubby Bus Driver determined to 'Catch 'em all'.

But what I really loved was the mix between real life and games - Back then Pokemon was...My life - I'd watch it, play it, dream it, snort it, inject it - You name it, I was doing it with Pokemon (Head out of the gutters please)

Pokemon Red and Blue

Pokemon Yellow I like how Pikachu will go to any length to help his trainer get Pokemon, he'll even trap them in cages, trucks and cars!

Super Mario Sunshine

I never saw this ad' til recently - And that's probably for the best, it's terrible! Even as a joke (I hope it's a joke) still it's hilarious, it might put me off the product, but that's probably why I enjoy this so much.

Remember kids, littering is bad! Everyone loves happy times! =D

Super Mario Sunshine

Fable 3

The original trailer that was released online and I believe is still used in America; In the UK we now have Children Of The Revolution playing instead of Young Dead Men by the Black Angels.

I really like this commercial, I think I'm a little biased as I'm a fairly big Lionhead fan, but this ad' got me all hyped up.

Fable 3

Gears Of War

I really love this advert, when this first appeared on TV It gave me chills - I still to this day haven't played Gears Of War, but the bought the sequel based off this advert (It stuck with me)

It's really chilling, and back then I didn't know Marcus was a key character, so as far as I knew he was just another casualty in the war.

Gears Of War

Also here's the COD Black Ops commercial I mentioned at the start

Black Ops

That motherfucker at the end, he does not give a shit. Makes me laugh every time - And usage of Kimmel in any situation is brilliant if you ask me.

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