Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Rumour: Budcat to be shut down too

Following yesterday's rumour that Bizarre Creations would be shut down, it appears Activision are closing yet another developer down; Budcat.

Probably most famous for their ports of games to the PS2 system including Double Fine's Psychonauts, as well as most of the Guitar Hero titles.

This news comes just before the Christmas period and will most definetly hit hard on the guys who've lost their jobs.

Tim Schafer the man behind Double Fine had this to say "Sad to hear about Budcat Creations. They took on the impossible task of porting Psychonauts to the PS2, and did a great job." He also added that they were all nice people.

There's been no official press release as to why Activision are dropping these developers.

In similar news, sources say that Bizarre Creations will probably be picked up by a different publisher, once more the community is uttering the words "EA" and "Microsoft", but no one knows as of yet.

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