Sunday, 14 November 2010

Child's Play

Usually I’m not one to get behind charities in ‘the press’; Because it sort of hints that I’m biased and maybe the kids in Africa don’t deserve the money, but the kids with Cancer do.
Maybe I over think it, but ANYWAY; This is a relevant cause.
Child’s Play Charity is looking for donations, it’s a worthy cause that donates video games to Children across several different countries including; Britain, Canada, America, New Zealand, Australia and Egypt.
Last year they raised 1.78 Million Dollars worth of donations, they’ve also got some pretty big names behind them and were originally set up by the creators of Penny Arcade.
I personally intend on doing a sponsored event, but don’t worry I won’t be pestering you guys for that.

Anyway; If you want to check it out go here -

If you’ve decided you’ll be doing a sponsored event let me know, I’ll give you a little shout out.

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