Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Realm Of The Mad God /// Interview with Alex Carobus

For a while now I've been constantly distracted from every day tasks, some people call this ADD, I call it RotMG.

Realm Of The Mad God is a strangely addictive Top Down, Mini-MMO shooter (With less concentration on the MMO part) It boasts a some what retro look to it, reminiscent of your favourite NES RPGs perhaps? Except maybe 10x more crazy, enemies come at you from every direction, you will never be safe; And to add to this, If you die - That's it, Game Over man in the wisdom filled words of Hudson.

You lose all your stats, items and character, some might criticize this labelling it as a horrible mechanic that only pulls the player back in to defeat past demons - You'd probably be right in saying that it pulls you back in, but that's the genius of it.

The game sports several different classes to choose from including Warrior, Wizard, Archer, Priest and a group of unlockable classes too (I won't spoil them for you)

Plot wise the game is hardly a Bioware title, but I don't think it's meant to be; It's a fun little mess around that is strangely addictive and will most likely put your productivity levels to 0%.

I got in contact with Alex Carobus from Wild Shadow and asked him some questions about the game.


Me: So let's start from the beginning - How did the development process get started?

Alex: Realm of the Mad God has an unusual history. Rob and I wrote the first version for Part 2 of the Assemblee competition at TIGSource. We had not originally planned to take it any further but we got a great response from the players. We saw a lot of potential so we have continued to work on it.

Me: How many members are there in the development team? Is it just you and Rob?

Alex: Rob and I are the full time programmers. Our friend Amit sometimes writes some stuff for us including our map generator. We also have various people we consult with and contract art/sound/music/etc from.

Me: As a gamer, I'd describe RotMG as a mini-mmorpg, top down shooter, how would you describe it in one sentence?

Alex: That's pretty good. We recently put the tagline "the co-op fantasy mmo shooter" on the title screen in development so yours was pretty close. Hopefully, people won't read too much into the "mmo" part though. We definitely made it a goal not to follow the standard mmo genre conventions.

Me: What are your plans for RotMG? Future developments, stuff like that?

Alex: We have plans to expand RotMG in many directions. We are planning to add new content and also try a few things we haven't seen in other mmos. We have a pretty significant change we will be testing out in the next week or so. Unfortunately, I can't really give any specifics but RotMG is very much a work in progress.

Me: Awesome, and finally are there any features you'd really like to implement in the future? Obviously without giving away any currently in development features.

Alex: Yea, again, I'd rather not say specific features but we have a very long todo list. There are lots of features, big and small, that I think would be so much fun but they just never rise to the top of the todo list because higher priority features keep jumping in front of them. I guess one example that I can give of a small feature on the todo list is revising the sword attack to be a swipe rather than a projectile attack. I think this would give the melee classes a much more distinct feel and I am definitely going to implement and playtest it some day but unfortunately, this will probably not make it into the next release.

Thanks to Alex for that interview, you can also play RotMG here

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