Thursday, 7 October 2010

Little Big Planet 2 - Eurogamer expo 2010

I spent the entire day trying to get on Little Big Planet 2 and only just managed within the last 20 minutes, I guess that's a sign as to how popular it was at the Expo, considering there must have been at least 16+ Little Big Planet 2 games going on at once, all with 3 player possibility.

The game is very similar to the first one, but includes some nice new features, sadly I didn't get a chance to play around with the creation kit, but I saw some other people playing around with it and the newer tools that are available are quite nice.

Gameplay is the same as the first LBP with the exception of the new tools, weapons and scenarios that come up within the game, essentially LBP2 is LBP+New Took kit; Essentially lots of DLC that you'd have to pay for individually that will upgrade your experience ten fold, so I guess I'm grateful they're releasing this as a seperate game, they've even made it so that most of the maps from LBP can be imported to LBP2.

Whilst I wouldn't label LBP2 as a failure or a let down, it was essentially the same with a grappling hook and some neat tricks like zero gravity - I could have literally been playing LBP with some DLC similar to the Pirates pack which added water, instead this was the..I dunno, spider man pack that added hooks.

I don't really want to continue on about the similarities between LBP and LBP2 (Because that's potentially the most boring article ever), so I'll go onto the awesome features that the tool kit can now build.

Playable Arcade Machines: Games such as Pong and Breakout had been built into little screens, quite a nifty little feature

Gravity: You can now play around with gravity, making it so it's either stronger or weaker in specific areas, perfect for space levels.

New game modes: The ability to create go-karts was revealed a while back, but with the new creation kit much more can be done, I saw some rhythm games popping up.

I'm sure there's much, much more; But I sadly didn't get much hands on time, none the less I really enjoyed the time I had.

LBP2 will be a definite purchase for anyone that enjoyed LBP (So pretty much everyone?) and will offer a huge variety of levels outside of Shark and bomb survival maps.

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