Thursday, 7 October 2010

Assassin's Creed 3; Brotherhood - Eurogamer expo 2010

I've never been a fan of AC, the first game really didn't do much for me once I'd gotten past the initial "I can climb that?!" factor and the second game hardly reinvented the wheel.

That being said, the new multiplayer mode in the latest AC game might just have added some bad ass shiney rims to it's predecessors wheel.

AC was one of the first games I jumped on when I got to the expo, mainly because it was located right next to the exit of the developer conference area, but that's beside the point. I jumped on after seeing a bunch of the guys playing it really enjoying it and getting into it, to be honest I sort of figured these guys were fans of the series, but after asking them a few questions at the time they admitted that the other games hadn't really done much for them in terms of gameplay, but graphically they enjoyed the series.

The multiplayer demo that I played entailed of you hunting the other assassins, whilst they hunted you - But it wasn't just a death match, Oh no - Much, much more, your target was a random assassin that was human controlled, but in a bustling city filled with NPCs, to make things harder all assassins have skills; skills can range from the ability to transform into a different character model for a brief period of time to smoke bombs and even a hidden gun, these skills felt nicely balanced, whilst giving the advantage in specific situations they could all be countered in other situations.

Certain features weren't unlocked in the demo, there were specific skills that were not available and some characters were missing from the playable line up, the demo was also set on one map with a 10 minute timer.

I personally took a shine to the executioner instead of the boring knife attacks that most of the others sported, he had a hatchet which he'd still use in stealth based attacks, he was also adorned in classic executioner gear too.

Amongst the other characters were; A female, an artist, a barber, a doctor and an assassin, but images that I've seen around the net have revealed other characters including a Knight, a Jester and a Blacksmith.

Overall I'd say the Multiplayer would be enough to convince me to purchase AC:3 Brotherhood.

But for those who want a strong campaign mode we'll have to wait and see If single player can keep up the standards that the online mode set.

Assassin's Creed will be released 19th November 2010

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