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Media within the Video game industry?

Media within the Video game industry
Recently I've been considering how the media industry could be used effectively in the video game industry; And by this, I mean more effectively than your monthly magazines or Internet blogs.
Media is a BIG industry, covering some of the most important inventions that formed and shaped our current life styles and cultures; TV, Radio, Magazines and the internet. All of these sources are viable sources of information and media, but only two are really used effectively in the form of video game press coverage; Magazines and the Internet, which whilst both are important and extremely effective forms of press coverage, what about the other two forms of media? I'm going to concentrate this article (Which is written and published on the internet) on the advantages, disadvantages and the general idea of video game press coverage on the Radio.

The Market
The Video game industry has grown a lot since It was first created, it's potential as a selling point for radio journalism has only grown within the past few years since online gaming really took off, allowing gamers to game online not only on their PCs, but on their Xbox360s, PS3s and even their Wiis. And whilst the PC scene would be the place to aim Video game based radio, Microsoft and Sony's online services could also be exploited to provide gamers with online radio through their console.

Working with the market
The idea of a Video game based Radio station would be to provide not only music based around the tastes of gamers, but to also allow journalists to get their reviews out to gamers in an audio form, something which has become quite big since the creation of Pod casts and Voice blogs online.
Getting the radio station out there to gamers could be a challenge as gamers are possibly the most awkward market to work with, each gamer wanting to specify their tastes and take a choice on either this or that, Horde or Alliance, Good or bad, Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo and even in their Pokemon adventures.
Whilst most people would see this as a disadvantage to work with, it would merely require a rival in the market to get gamers taking sides, something that would be acquired within months If the Station could get enough popularity and income to keep open whilst others followed in trend opening up similar radio stations.
Gamers can be swung round by merely having people they can relate to run things that they enjoy; This can be seen within the video game industry with prime examples being Gabe Newell, Peter Molyneux, Cliff Bleszinski, Hideo Kojima and Goichi Suda who'm all present themselves to their audiences by putting themselves out there and saying "Hey, I'm just like you" And charming gamers round to their side - And whilst the more logical gamer would nay say upon this and say that it is merely a marketing scheme (Which it is) it's an effective one and one that could assure future products to succeed.

The actual Product
The actual Radio Station would be available over a series of methods including; DAB, Ipods, Phones, the internet and your gaming console's dashboard.
Presenting the station on Ipods, phones and DAB may seem pointless seeing as the product would be aimed at gamers currently gaming, but it would also cover those gamers that are desperate to keep up with their gaming or gamers that are merely fans of the show or music which is played.
Whilst DAB, Ipods and phones would cover a small part of the market, the main point of this station would be to apply to those gamers that are currently gaming, which makes the PCs, Xbox360s and PS3s perfect. They would allow the radio station to be streamed whilst gaming, taking up very little RAM, the same would go for the PC version, a down loadable client would be made available allowing gamers to run the station with very little RAM taken up, it would also be compatible with Steam and Xfire ideally.

How would the product start off
The Station would start small, very small; Possibly with two to four presenters with a weekly line up of interviews, music catered to gamer's tastes, requests, shout outs, competitions, reviews and press event coverage - All of which would hopefully appertain to gamers.
Soon after official sponsors would hopefully be interested if enough attention was brought to the station, allowing the station to be presented over Microsoft's and Sony's online dashboard.
Hopefully getting the MMORPG crowds onboard as a lot of MMORPG-ers require background noise and such when on the low leveling periods of games, perhaps the higher level based activities would not want radio playing in the background, but of course there's always time outside of the raid.
FPS gamers would also be an effective crowd to get on board, which would be a challenge as anyone could see that with a little research, that FPS gamers are the most awkward people to entertain as there will always be a sense of elitism with any FPSer, the same can be said for RTSers and possibly fanatical MMORPGs, this means that you would really have to grab their attention and have something there to keep them all interested, such as a feature that would apply to all of them.

In conclusion; There is a LARGE slot in the marketplace for Radio stations that are made for gamers that are successful and that apply to gamer's tastes.
There would be plenty of challenges in setting up such a station such as difficulty in gamer's tastes and how much different game genre players all have highly different tastes, but I still believe it is humanly possible to get something like this going with just the right amount of will power and luck behind you.

Who knows, give it 10 years and I might be looking back at this and saying "Wow, I sure was wrong"

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