Thursday, 17 September 2009

+10 To Blogging Skills. Issue 1.

Hey-Hey, welcome to my first blog/newsletter. This is something I've wanted to try out for a while, I've been a big follower of video games for a lifetime now and I've always had a passion for them and journalism based around them - So here we are, my first shot at this, excuse my awful writing, lets just hope that I increase in skill over time.

Hey there gamers; Are you excited? We've nearly reached Q4 of the year, which means the biggest, baddest, most kick ass games of the year are just under one month away~! But I'll cover that when we get there, for now - This week's gaming news~!
Kicking us off is the American release of Scribblenauts for DS; A game I've personally been waiting ages to play since I saw the first footage of it back at E3; You can find my P/review on it here
It's a fab game and has it's European release date set to October 9th.
Another DS hit came out just recently in Japan; Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold, both remakes of the classic games set in the Johto region, I got my hands on a Japanese version earlier this week and I'm still playing around with it (And roughly trying to guess what everyone's saying in Japanese). The game really gives you the classic feeling that the originals had - And as a HUGE fan of the original Johto region based games, that's a pretty big pair of shoes to fill. It has it's release date for both America and Europe as "Spring 2010" and I can assure you I'll be buying this on day one.

Brutal Legend has received a new trailer; Which features presumably the first opening cut scene from the game; The trailer can be seen here
Whilst on the subject of Brutal Legend, any one across the pond that pre-ordered Brutal Legend will have exclusive access to a demo containing an entire 'chapter' of the game.

Good news for PS3 owners; Fallout 3 DLC is coming to you soon~! Bethesda has confirmed that Broken Steel will be available on the 24th September, Operation Anchorage and The Pitt will be released on the 1st of October, which will be followed by Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta on October 8th; Presumably these will be released as disks available in shops and online? Also the GOTY edition will be out soon, including all DLC and the original game, probably retailing at about £30 - £40/$40 - $50.

Another update in the Love VS Activision case; According to the blogs that I've been reading recently, Jon Bon Jovi has spoken to the BBC about the whole ordeal and is apparently in favour of Love in this case; even if we do all agree she's bat shit crazy and probably fucked off her head 99% of the time; You can't help but feel that Activision probably did fuck around with the contract and took liberties, I only say this because I looked into stories about it - And the fact that both Jon Bon Jovi and Dave Grohl, two musicians that I greatly respect back Courtney Love up, seems odd. Perhaps it's because I prefer Harmonix greatly, mainly for their awesome DLC and games - But because they seem to be real people rather than business men I guess.
In other music game related news; Pink Floyd are allegedly interested in creating a Rock Band/Guitar hero game - I personally can't see it; Perhaps because I'm not a fan of Pink Floyd - And probably because I hate the idea of Harmonix creating more "Rock band -Band name here-" games; I was kinda sick with the idea of a Beatles game, I'd have liked the idea of Beatles DLC, but the idea that they have to release another entire game just frustrates me - I follow Harmonix for a reason, and that reason is because they're not Activision, I'd like to keep it that way.
Oh~ And this week's Rock Band DLC contains both Rock your socks off and Tribute by Tenacious D
As well as some Metal tracks by Anvil, some indie rock from Dinosaur Jr. and classic rock from The Guess Who.

That sums up this week's big gaming stories - Hopefully you enjoyed this and HOPEFULLY I'll be doing this again this time next week.
Thanks for reading.

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