Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Rock Band 3 free track pack

Here's a bunch of free tracks for the latest Rock Band title, featured on here are some of the bands from the actual Harmonix Development team.

This free pack includes: "Visions", "Get Clean", "Night Lies", "Shoulder to the Plow", "Neighborhood", "A Jagged Gorgeous Winter", "Conventional Lover", "Supreme Girl", and "Rob the Prez-O-Dent"

Some really good tracks here, these were also on RB2 as disk content, so you'll probably be familiar with some of these.

Marketplace download here

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Ups and Downs of 2010

The time has finally come to look back upon the previous year as we step into 2011.

It's been a big one for video games, The Terminator himself decided he had an issue with video games, a Swedish bearded man hit the jackpot with a strangely addictive pixel game, we all adventured to a desolate New Vegas with Zachary Levi and Felicia Day, ran a kingdom with the help of Stephen Fry and Simon Pegg, we even assassinated a Cuban Prime minister - And of course you are now the controller.

But what were your fondest memories? Perhaps it was the rise of the Western RPG? The announcement of a new Elder Scrolls? How about the addition of Keyboards to the Rock Band series?

Personally my GOTY was Mass Effect 2; With an amazing story line, immense gameplay, some of the most indepth characters I've ever felt attached to and some brilliant DLC to boot it easily sums up what I love in the video game industry.

My developer of the year is the studio that created one of the best, If not the best MMORPG ever; Blizzard.

The recent expansion Cataclysm as well the continued support that their entire studio and team provide their user base gets them recognised in my books.

As for the biggest flop of the year, it's going to have to be Real Time World's All Points Bulletin.

Whilst I enjoyed the game for it's amazing customisation options, it's sprawling urban setting and it's quirky little features such as ram raiding, radios and Gangs; It was terribly balanced and never really got it's footing, for me that was £40+ down the drain.

So guys; How about it - Your GOTY, Developer of the year and Flop of the year, reply in the comment section below

And here's to a good 2011.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Mass Effect 2 DLC for 200MSP!

All ME2 DLC is at 200MSP each, the sale ends at midnight tonight! It's also available in the US and EU (Not sure about any where else, but try it)

So that means you can get Lair of the Shadow Broker, Kasumi and Overlord pack for 600MSP all together, usually these packs retail at either 800MSP each or 560MSP each.

The other DLC available is either already cheaper than 200MSP or comes with the game, well worth picking up as they're all highly rated DLC packs.

Lair of the Shadow Broker is not compatible with Czech, Hungarian or Polish versions of Mass Effect 2.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

DA:2 homosexual relationships are still A-OKAY

David Gaider recently revealed on the DA2 forums that DA2 would still contain the option to have sexual intercourse/relations with a character of the same gender.

This sparked controversy from several right wing news stations when DA:O originally featured homosexual relations, between either Zevran the overly camp Elf, or Leliana the religious Bard that was willing to experiment.

For those unaware of David Gaider; He is not only an active member of the Bioware forums, he's also the Senior Writer at Bioware's Edmonton Studio.

In reply to a post about bigotry and homophobia that goes around on the forums as well as the decision to disallow male gay relationships in ME2 and only allowing female Shepard to sort of try it on with Jack, but not really.

David had this to say:

So long as romances of any kind are optional and need to be actively pursued by the player in order to be experienced, they simply don't have a leg to stand on. Advocating that nobody should be able to have content you don't intend to personally use is largely pointless-- outside of a vague notion that such efforts should go towards other things, instead. Personally, it's not a lot of effort to include them. The resources we can devote to a minority of players isn't great, but I imagine to those players it's quite worth it... and I would hope that some folks could be sensitive enough to be happy for those players, at the very least out of the selfish notion that they may one day end up in the minority of some content issue and receive the same consideration if nothing else.

Maybe with DADT finally being repealed Shephard can have all the homosexual sex s/he consents to whilst serving, but for now players will simply have to deal with DA:2's open mind on the subject.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Indie iDevice sale

As of today the Indie Sale has commenced for the Apple iPod/iPhone, with 1/3 of the profits going to Child's Play charity.

The sale will be going on until the 31st of this month and it includes six individual titles; Canabalt, Eliss, Spider, Solipskier, Osmos and Drop7, these titles will all cost 99cents or 59p.

Some immense savings here and it's for a good cause, so head on over to the iTunes store and pick them up

Not only are they offering these great iDevice games for a cheap price, but you can also pick up some free wallpapers and lock screens too, so head over to the site, tweet about it, facebook it - What ever, just try and do something for the cause.


Here's some more information on Child's Play - http://childsplaycharity.org/

Monday, 20 December 2010

Secret Of Mana iPhone/iPod Touch

Many of you know I love the Secret Of Mana series, so earlier this year when I heard of an iPod Touch/iPhone remake I was over joyed, well finally SquareEnix have given us a release date.


Sort of short notice, but I'm still as excited as ever, currently not aware of the price but it will allegedly be launching in your area at midnight tonight.

UPDATE: The video has the prices displayed at the end; $8.99, £5.99 and €6.99

MikuMikuDance - Kinect

It was practically a dot on the cards that Kinect would be used for modded software and more entertainment based programs for the PC; But after Microsoft shot down the idea of any sex games appearing on Kinect (Or atleast on the Xbox360) titles such as this one here might some day make it.

Here we have an animated Miku from the famous Vocaloid programme dancing using the Kinect hardware, whilst there is some animation glitches over all it's impressive.

I've no doubt there will be more great programmes out there soon similar to this, so keep your eye on the Indie market.